VMware Validated Designs – SDDC v2.0 is GA

VMware Validated Designs – SDDC v2.0 is GA

VMware have released v2.0 of their VVD for the SDDC.

As you may or may not be aware, VMware provide an iterative bundle of documents and guides to building a textbook Software Defined Datacenter under the somewhat grandiose title of a VMware Validated Design- or VVD if you’re more acronomically inclined.

This week, VMware announced the arrival of the latest iteration, step forward SDDC VVD 2.0.

Compiled by a team of VMware experts, the SDDC VVD is a constantly evolving and continuously validated suite of documents aimed at providing a helping hand for those looking to design and deploy a new VMware-based SDDC environment, or simply provide a basis for comparison and validation of an existing SDDC (or the various components thereof). Specifically, the VVD includes design guides, implementation and deployment procedures, example designs against a host of scenarios and use cases, and documentation for on-going operations, maintenance and support.

Okay, so it doesn’t sound like the most thrilling of reads.  However, the information contained in the VVD documents is born of countless years experience and the expertise of the top VMware experts.  Let’s face it, these are the people who design and build the software it’s all based on so if anyone is best placed to guide us all on how to use it, it’s them.
In summary then, these documents are incredibly useful.

So what exactly do you get?  Well, here’s the list of guides included:

  • An introduction to what an SDDC is and what it should be
  • A Backup and Restore guide
  • A Monitoring guide
  • An Operational Verification guide (so how you can tell, and prove that your SDDC is working as it should)
  • A Planning and Preparation guide
  • A Reference Architecture guide (the meat and bones of the VVD)
    and finally,
  • A Deployment guide (how to put all the above together into a working, verified, monitored, backed-up and managed SDDC)

So, are you just starting your vAdventure and looking for a guiding light or a way to quickly level up your architect skills?  Read the VVD.
Are you studying for your VCP or VCAP or VCDX?  You definitely need to read the VVD.
Are you a veteran vGuru with a list of VCPs as long as your beard?  Read the VVD.  I mean we all know you’re right, but those C-level guys and girls tend to like to see some sort of evidence that their cash is being used correctly don’t they, the spoilsports!

To find out more about VMware Validated Designs and to download the SDDC VVD document bundle, head over to the VMware Validated Design home page.



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