New vSphere Beta Announced

New vSphere Beta Announced

Help shape the future of the beating heart of the SDDC by registering your interest for the new vSphere beta!

VMware have announced the next VMware vSphere Beta Program and you can register your interest online now to become one of the chosen community.
The beta program enables participants to help define the direction of the most widely adopted industry-leading virtualization platform.  If selected, the vSphere team will grant you access to the program via a private Beta community to download software and share information, along with a full compliment of discussion forums, webinars, and service requests to enable you to share your feedback.


To participate in the program you can download, install, and test vSphere Beta software in your environment or get invited to try new features in a VMware hosted environment. All testing is free-form and participants are encouraged to use the software in ways that interest you, meaning the software will be tested in real-world conditions and with real-world test cases by real-world VMware customers, hopefully meaning that the business needs and desires from a broad selection of the user base will be considered and in the wonderful software utopia in which we all exist, will make it into the next vSphere iteration!  Okay so that might be optimistic, but this is a great opportunity to get involved in what is always a highly anticipated beta program.


In the past VMware have deployed both private and public beta programs, and this time it’s somewhere in between with ‘public’ participants who fit a certain criteria, in this case VMware are seeking vExperts, and those customers who are running vSphere 5.5 or 6.0 in at least some part of their environment.  In return, successful applicants will be asked to agree to the following ‘terms’…


  • Online acceptance of the Master Software Beta Test Agreement will be required prior to visiting the Private Beta Community
  • Install beta software within 3 days of receiving access to the beta product
  • Provide feedback within the first 4 weeks of the beta program
  • Submit Support Requests for bugs, issues and feature requests
  • Complete surveys and beta test assignments
  • Participate in the private beta discussion forum and conference calls


Then as a fully signed-up beta program participant you will get to….

  • Receive early access to the vSphere Beta products
  • Interact with the Beta team consisting of Product Managers, Engineers, Technical Support, and Technical Writers
  • Provide direct input on product functionality, configurability, usability, and performance
  • Provide feedback influencing future products, training, documentation, and services
  • Collaborate with other participants, learn about their use cases, and share advice and learnings


Sound good?  If you think you fit the selection criteria and would like to get involved in being a part of the next gen vSphere release, you can register your interest now by filling out the online form here


Good luck!


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