Veeam 9.5 to offer integrated physical workload protection

Veeam 9.5 to offer integrated physical workload protection

Veeam announce Availability Suite v9.5 in what they call their ‘Biggest Ever’ Announcement.

Full DR Orchestration, protection for physical workloads, SaaS protection options for Office 365 and One Console to Rule Them All lead the list of new features.


After weeks of marketing hype, email campaigns and a CGI intro complete with awe-inspiring thumping music you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d somehow become privy to a huge pay-per-view Vegas fight night.

Finally, after years of under-appreciation and a life in the shadows, Systems Administrators are finally getting the recognition and reward they deserve! But alas, this wasn’t the work of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s promotion team but Veeam’s, and their C-level execs came out swinging.  And after 12 gruelling rounds (actually closer to 14 rounds strictly speaking, eh timekeepers??) of chart and stat-heavy slides I was on the canvas.

What was particularly worth Veeam pointing out though was that for the first time Veeam was ranked among the Leaders in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software, and though currently ranked 5th in terms of global market share, they seemed very confident that come next year they’d take 4th spot away from Commvault.  That’s a prediction I find it hard to disagree with.

But then finally the chest-pounding stopped and Veeam finally get around to revealing what they call their biggest ever announcement-  Veeam Availabilty Platform for the Hybrid Cloud.

Sounds great, but after all the buzz-word boxes have been checked, what is it?

Built around the Cloud Connect technology released in v8, the new suite realises Veeam’s vision of a unified platform to tie together your remote, on-premises and cloud-based backups, whether they’re virtual (Hyper-V or VMware, Veeam is friends with everybody) or physical Windows or Linux servers or workstations (see?). The new Availability Console lets you manage all of the above centrally, a major plus point for Service Providers or those managing multi-site or ROBO infrastructures.

Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud

Other noteworthy announcements include…

Veeam Availability Suite v9.5 – It sounds like there has been some extensive reworking done under the hood as better IO speed for backups, faster recoveries and an overhauled, more efficient processing engine were promised.  Over 100 enhancements are said to be crammed into the new release in total.  Increased integration and support for vCloud Director is a much-welcomed nod to SPs with tenant access to reports via the vCloud Director portal mentioned.  Obviously the Windows and Linux agents is a major plus as is Offic 365 backup capability, and it’s probably these particular features that Veeam believe should have Commvault looking over their shoulders.

VeeamONE Chargeback – Seemed the next logical step for a monitoring and management solution as comprehensive as VeeamONE and sure enough the next release will bring full Chargeback capability.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator – Veeam’s version of VMware SRM essentially, offering full end-to-end DR planning, testing, documentation and orchestration. There’s nothing not to like with a product basically offering to do your work for you, especially DR documentation and testing which even just for compliance-sake is a huge plus. But how this compares to SRM on a feature and cost basis remains to be seen.

With BaaS and DRaaS offerings among a service portfolio I currently have the pleasure of architecting infrastructure for, there’s plenty to look forward to in this Next Big Thing.  It will be interesting to see how the licensing costs will look for SPs though you can be sure it’ll be Availability Suite as a minimum and priced per VM (‘there are no sockets in the cloud’ as Doug Hazelman, Veeam’s VP of Product Strategy delighted in telling us- kind of like saying there are no atoms in the universe but whatever!).

For full details of Availability Suite v9.5 see

For full details of Veeam Orchestrator see

To get wicked pumped, watch the full announcement stream.  Release date is slated for end of 2016.

For more information on BaaS and DRaaS and what it could mean for your Business take a look at the Panoptics guide to the true costs of backups



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