Top vBlog 2017

Top vBlog 2017

Results are now in for Top vBlog 2017

The annual Top vBlog vote is officially done, with a whole bunch of ‘specialist’ categories to make sure recognition is given across the wide spectrum of topics that virtualization covers.



Thanks and Kudos must go out once again to Eric Siebert ( for devoting time and effort to setting up the vote.

The dedication he shows year in, year out is reflected in the collective effort, dedication and a whole lotta vLove that virtualization bloggers put in every day to contribute to one of (if not THE) strongest community in this technological sphere in which many of us choose to make a living.  All this in addition to holding down a full-time job and placating the long-suffering family, there are only so many hours in the day and the community has I’m sure at some point in your career saved you more time in the former to spend with the latter.  This should be applauded.

I’m giving special mention to my fellow London VMUGers for the great work they do producing the excellent Open Tech Cast, be sure to check the guys out and of course the podcast itself, and give them a vote once you agree they are totally worthy.

A lot of people spend a lot of time making a LOT of excellent content for the benefit of us all, Top vBlog voting at it’s most raw is a great form of validation and feedback to show that it’s all appreciated.  So thanks and congrats to all who voted.

Full 2017 results can be found here at, go check it out.


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