Community Github PowerCLI script repository is here!

Community Github PowerCLI script repository is here!

VMware have pulled together the great and the good of the PowerCLI scripting community to found the new VMware PowerCLI Community Repository on Github.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of useful tools and scripts out on the web to help you accomplish pretty much anything you could ever want to accomplish with your VMware environment.

Now, VMware have pulled them all into one script-tastic Github repository for your viewing and downloading pleasure.  Not only that, but they’re inviting us all to contribute to what is undoubtedly one of the greatest community endeavors on the virtual planet.

With some of the community’s most prolific scripting and automation contributors at the helm, the repository has surely started how it means to go on by naming Solidfire’s Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell), Co-author of the PowerCLI Reference bible Luc Dekens (@LucD22) and VMware’s own PowerCLI guru Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf) among the board members.  This will ensure the quality is matched by the quantity (and by that I mean bucket-loads of both) and will prove to be an essential resource for anyone involved in vSphere Ops.  The board will help maintain the repository with regard to testing and providing feedback on all submitted resources, communicating with other board members in order to approve pull requests, and just to generally carry on doing what they’ve been doing for years in helping to promote all the scripting and automation goodness there is to be had in the virtual world.

All this in one repository, that we all can help build and grow into something truly essential.  It’s a great idea.

Take a look through this PowerCLI blog post for all the information you need on accessing and updating the repository.

To get stuck into the repository itself you can find the VMware PowerCLI Community Repository here.  See you there!



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