Troubleshooting Non-Compliant VMs on vSAN

Troubleshooting Non-Compliant VMs on vSAN


Are all of your VMs suddenly non-compliant against your vSAN storage policy? It may not be time to panic just yet, try this troubleshooting step first.


Recently, following a loss of some vSAN clustered hosts I noticed that when all hosts were back online the affected VMs showed as ‘Non-Compliant’ against their vSAN storage policies.  Closer inspection revealed in fact that all the VMs in the cluster were now showing as non-compliant.  *gulp*

After seeing the sea of red crosses came the inevitable sweats and the urge to throw myself out of the nearest window, then a fine cloud of vClarity settled.  This is vSAN after all and this stuff just works, right?

So looking at the stats the components looked to have re-synced, all good there, so what’s the deal?  A quick check of the Related Objects of the policy in the VM Storage policies screen showed an empty list. Aha- time to restart some services!  The VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service (or Daemon, for the VCSA fans) to be precise.

Simple enough for those still clinging on to their Windows vCenters, just restart the above service and check again for compliance.  For the VCSA you will first need to enable SSH and Bash, then SSH into the appliance and run /etc/init.d/vmware-sps restart before checking again for compliance.

Any luck your sea of red crosses will turn into a sea of green ticks, and you can have a sit down.  If not, might be time to give VMware support a bell…

I hope this has been helpful.



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