My vBackground

So, who am I?  Well I’m a UK based Virtualisation engineer currently working in London, and living with my wonderful wife and 3 girls in Banbury.

After a brief period of vocational rebellion upon leaving university where I was a video games tester (still the best job I’ve ever had) at the superb but ill-fated Acclaim Studios in Cheltenham (XG3 on the GameCube, still awesome), I realised that I had to leave and get a real job in the vocation I studied in which was IT.
So I landed my first IT job in 2003 as datacentre assistant for a small software and hosting house in Swindon, and unbeknownst to me at the time this would be the start of my (to date) life-long love/hate affair with Virtualisation.  In the midst of Windows NT domains and Novell servers I was introduced to Citrix Metaframe 1.8.
This wonderful form of witchcraft both baffled and seduced me at the time and Virtualisation quickly became a focus of my technological interest, through Metaframe XP and then XenDesktop my knowledge of Citrix landed me new roles in the years that followed working on Home Office and Police contracts, and it was on one such project where I first encountered VMware way back in 2008 in the form of ESX 3.5.  Since then I’ve worked for more companies, growing my knowledge along with every vSphere release, grabbing certs along the way where I could beg the training budget leading me to my current role as an Infrastructure Specialist working with vSphere 6 and having gained my hard-fought and much maligned VCAPs in Datacenter Design and Datacenter Administration, and pondering what route to take next on my vJourney.

So, why the blog?  During my years working with VMware the tech has always fascinated me, and I’ve taken a lot from the online community.  This community in my view is one of the best out there and still grows today, and I feel I may be in a position to give something back.  So I wanted first and foremost to be helpful, and of some use to fellow Virtualisation…can I say ‘enthusiasts’??

More recently I am immensely proud and delighted to be listed as a VMware vExpert for the second time for 2017, and I am determined through this blog, the forums and the community as a whole to maintain the status.  Other vExperts have helped me no end throughout my adventures with VMware products, it will be a pleasure to be able to do the same for others.

In any regard my aim as with all things in life is to educate, assist and amuse.  Well to be honest my aim is to make my life as easy as possible, those three things usually just happen to work toward the same endgame.  So I escape to my vWorld and ironically, get myself back to reality.  A reality where I can run countless instances of an OS on a single server.
What a time to be alive!!