HCLCheck – The vSAN Compatibility List Checker Fling

HCLCheck – The vSAN Compatibility List Checker Fling

HCLCheck, the vSAN Compatibility List Checker Fling is your friend…

…and friends don’t let friends run vSAN on non-compatible hardware.


If you’re running vSAN and ever had the need to contact VMware GSS, or ever attended a vSAN session at a conference or VMUG meet, or even if you’re only vaguely aware of what vSAN is, then at some point you’ll have heard/read/subliminally became aware of the vSAN Hardware Compatibility List.

In simple terms, the vSAN HCL is THE list of servers and components, and their respective firmware and driver versions that are verified by VMware to be compatible with VMware vSAN.  In even simpler terms, if you are running vSAN and any of your hardware components are not on the HCL, your deployment will not be supported.

So to aid you in your quest to stay compatible and therefore supported, outside of vSAN Ready Nodes where the verification work will be done for you by your vendor the vSAN Compatibility List Checker Fling HCLCheck is here to help.  Give it the name or IP address of your  host along with root credentials, and HCLCheck will go and query your host for its components and check the model, firmware and driver version against the latest VMware vSAN HCL and produce a nice HTML report with the results.  Handy no?  Here’s how you can get involved.

First go and grab the Fling from the HCLCheck Fling page, download and unzip to somewhere sensible.

Now you can go and run the hclcheck.exe to fire it up but chances are you might need to negate the certificate check, in which case open a command prompt and run hclcheck.exe with the –noSSLVerify option.

HCLCheck 1

Just hit enter next when prompted the HCL URL, the default should take you to the latest version.


Enter the name or IP address of the host you want to check.


Next enter the root password for the host.


…and away it goes!  The checks will be completed and a report generated in the hclcheck folder.  The report will tell you your server make and model, along with all details of your storage controller including whether the controller itself is on the HCL, and what the verified firmware and driver versions for it are.

HCLCheck Report

And there it is, one of the more helpful and painless ways of making sure you are compatible.  Massive thanks to Christian Dickmann and Duy Nguyen for getting this hugely useful Fling out to the Community.  Stay supported everyone.



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