Monitoring 3PAR Remote Copy Group status

Monitoring 3PAR Remote Copy Group status

If, like me, you’ve found it less than simple to monitor and alert on 3PAR Remote Copy Group status then try this Powershell script, using the WSAPI capabilities of your array.



After some…. interesting incidents with a stretched VMware vSphere cluster built on Peer-Persistent 3PAR arrays (*ahem, cough*), I started to lament the lack of any useful built-in monitoring and alerting with the 3PAR management suite.

Making sure your Virtual Volumes are replicating (in the right direction, hopefully) and are fully synced is crucial, and crucial to this is making sure your copy groups are started.  The following Powershell script interrogates the WSAPI interface of your 3PAR to check how many RCGs you’ve got, then check them in turn to see if they’re started or stopped- if stopped it’ll send an email to a lucky recipient of your choice who can then go and poke it with a stick.

For full monitoring and alerting pleasure set the variables to suit your own environment, and set to run as a scheduled task at your desired frequency.

For details on how to open up the WSAPI interface for interrogation check out this guide from Veeam.

To see what else you can do with your 3PAR’s WSAPI interface, see the Developer Guide.




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